Nowhere else can you handle as many mountain passes and altitude metres in one day as at the Swiss Cycling Alpenbrevet. The Platintour offers the epic mountain passes Susten, Grimsel, Nufenen, Lukmanier and Oberalp and is strictly limited to 500 participants.

Those who want to approach the Platintour can tackle the Goldtour over four or the Silbertour over three passes. Like the Platintour, both tours start in Andermatt and offer breathtaking Alpine panoramas.

In Ulrichen there is the start of the Bronzetour, in which you can ride two passes. The highlight for all Bronze riders is the legendary Tremola up to the Gotthard Pass.

The routing and start times for 2024 are provisional.


Pricing 2024

Platintour Goldtour Silbertour Bronzetour
Phase 1 (9.9.23 – 31.10.23) 120 CHF 115 CHF 115 CHF 85 CHF
Phase 2 (1.11.23 – 31.1.24) 135 CHF 125 CHF 125 CHF 95 CHF
Phase 3 (1.2.24 – sold out) 145 CHF 135 CHF 135 CHF 100 CHF

These prices include transaction fees and exclude a CHF 10.00 start number deposit.

Provisional route 2024

Alpenbrevet Platintour

5 Mountain Passes

267 kilometers

7'090 vertical meters


Alpenbrevet Goldtour

4 Mountain Passes

214 kilometers

5'080 vertical meters


Alpenbrevet Silbertour

3 Mountain Passes

105 kilometers

3'200 vertical meters


Alpenbrevet Bronzetour

2 Mountain Passes

64 kilometers

2'140 vertical meters


The Platintour marks the toughest challenge on this year’s Alpenbrevet. Start and finish are in Andermatt as usual. During the crossing of Susten, Grimsel, Nufenen, Lukmanier and Oberalppass you climb with your bike just over 7,000 meters of altitude.

Entry fee: 120 CHF (until 31.10.)

The gold tour is a big challenge! Start and finish are in Andermatt as usual. While climbing the Oberalp, Lukmanier, Nufenen and Furka passes, you will conquer 5,000 meters in altitude with your bike. After four passes and a final descent from the Furka Pass, an incomparable feeling of happiness awaits you at the finish.

Entry fee: 115 CHF (until 31.10.)

On the Silbertour you master approx. 3,190 meters of altitude spread over three passes. At the beginning you overcome the legendary Gotthard Pass. The departure towards Airolo is on the main road and NOT on the Tremola. This is followed by the Nufenen Pass, the Top of the Alpenbrevet. Finally, you conquer the Furka Pass and after a rapid descent you reach the finish in Andermatt.

Entry fee: 115 CHF (until 31.10.)

The legendary Gotthard pass awaits you on the Bronzetour. Start is in Obergoms and the finish is in Andermatt. During the crossing of Nufenen and Gotthard you master 2’190 meters of altitude. After the last descent on the Gotthard, you are one of the admirable finishers of the Bronzetour.

Entry fee: 85 CHF (until 31.10.)