Frequently asked questions about registration

  • Until when can I register?
    Registration is open until a few weeks before the event. However, it is important to note that there is a limited number of 3,000 starting places. In the past the Alpenbrevet was always sold out. We therefore advise you to register early so that you can ride your desired tour. The Platinum Tour is limited to 500, the Gold Tour to 1000 participants.
  • Can I change my route in advance?
    Yes, you can. To do this, click on the change link that is included in your registration confirmation. There you can edit your data and choose another route.
  • I can’t start, what can I do?
    You can unsubscribe via the change link included in your registration confirmation. This option is only possible until 6 weeks prior to the event. Do you have someone who wants to take over your starting place? You can forward your starting spot with the transfer link, found in the confirmation.
  • Are late registrations possible on site?
    The maximum number of participants of the Gold (1,000) and the Platinum Tour (500) must be adhered to. If there is still room, an enpostonory can be made on site for all tours. However, we recommend that you register as early as possible. This is the only way to guarantee you the start at the Alpenbrevet. In the past, the Alpenbrevet was always sold out a few weeks before the event.


Frequently asked questions about how to get there

  • Does there be enough parking space available in Andermatt?
    There are around 600 parking spaces available in Andermatt, which will be signaled as of Friday noon. Not a lot with almost 3’000 participants. There is a charge for the parking spaces. The parking ticket can be purchased in advance via our website. Therefore we suggest to car pool when ever possible. There are NOparking spaces available in the village.


Frequently asked questions about the routes

  • When is the start of my tour?
    Provisional information:
    Platintour: 6:00h in Andermatt
    Goldtour: 6:45h in Andermatt
    Silvertour: 6:45 h in Andermatt
    Bronzetour: tbd
  • Can I change my route on the way?
    If you have registered for gold or silver, you will drive gold or silver. A change to the platinum tour is not possible. It is also not possible to change from the bronze tour to the other tours. If, as a platinum driver, you reach Airolo too late or notice that you are not packing the platinum lap, you will drive back to Andermatt via Gotthard on the silver tour.
    But if you start as a silver rider and you realize that the gold tour would be possible, you can finish the Alpenbrevet on the gold tour.
  • Are there time limits?
    Since the platinum and gold routes are very long, there are time limits on their road. If you reach a place after the time limit, you are not allowed to finish the planned route, but you have to return to Andermatt via the next possible shortcut. The following are the control closures (provisional):
    Platinum Tour:
    – In Airolo at 13:55 h
    Gold tour:
    – In Airolo at 12:00
  • Where are the timekeeping stations?

The timekeeping stations are at these places on the route:
– Andermatt Start (Silver- and Goldtour)
– Wassen (Platintour)
– Innertkirchen
– Ulrichen
– Airolo
– Olivone
– Disentis / Dieni
– Andermatt finish

Frequently asked questions about start number collection

  • Will the start numbers be shipped?
    No, everyone needs to collect the start number personally.
  • When can I pick-up my start number?
    On Friday, the pick-up of the startnumber for all tours is in Andermatt. On Saturday, the start number needs to be collected at the start location.
    Friday, 3 September 2021:

    – Platinum-, Gold, Silver and Bronzetour
    – Andermatt, 16:00 – 21:00h

    Saturday, 4 September 2021:
    – Platin, Gold- and Silvertour
    – Andermatt, 4:30 – 7:00 h

    – Bronzetour
    – Ulrichen (Obergoms), 08:00 – 9:30 h

Frequent questions about food

  • Why are there no more food stations on top of the passes?
    These are new after the departures. It was often also asked to move the catering stations, as it is sensitively cold depending on the weather on the passes and a break for the body is not ideal.
  • Do I get a water bottle at the start or on the go?
    There are no plans to issue bottles.


Frequently asked questions about transport options

  • Are there shuttle buses to Andermatt again?
    No, there will not be any shuttle buses.
  • How do I get back to Obergoms from Andermatt?
    From Andermatt, a train runs back to Obergoms every hour. A bus transfer is not possible due to the trailer ban on the Furkapass.


Frequently asked questions about accommodation

  • I can’t find accommodation. What can I do?
    We provide group housing in Andermatt and surroundings from friday to sunday. You will find information about this on our website in due course.

Frequently Asked Questions about Swiss Cycling Alpenbrevet clothing

  • Will there be an Alpenbrevet collection again for 2022?
    Yes. It will be available in our store in due course.
  • Can I buy a jersey on site?
    There is a stand from Giordana on site that sells the Alpenbrevet collection. The supply is limited because we have produced mainly on demand.
  • What if my jersey doesn’t fit?
    If the jersey or other clothing doesn’t suit you, you can exchange it on site at the clothing stand. Attention, we do not guarantee that there will be the right size remaining. In addition, an exchange is only possible if the item is still unused, as well if you bring the label and original packaging.
  • Can I buy merchandise even if I don’t start?
    Yes, you can. On our website you’ll find the online shop where you can order all merchandise articles. The shop will be online again after the event on September 4th.
  • When can I pick up my ordered items in Andermatt?

Frequently asked questions about finisher prices

  • Will there be a medal for platinum finishers this year?
    No, no medal is planned this year.
  • Will I receive a Finisher certificate after the tour?
    The Finisher certificate will be available online.

Frequently asked questions concerning CoVID-19

  • What happens to my purchased starting place in case of a cancellation in 2022?
    If the event has to be cancelled due to an epidemic or pandemic (such as Covid-19), the participation fees will be subject to the following scheme:

    Cancellation 6 weeks before the event. You have the choice between:
    – 100% refund (admin fee CHF 15)
    – Transfer of the starting place to the following event

    Cancellation 2 weeks before the event. You have the choice between:
    – Refund of 2/3 of the participation fees
    – Transfer of the starting place to the following event (admin fee CHF 15)

    Cancellation less than 2 weeks before the event:
    – In case of cancellation due to a pandemic/epidemic in the last 2 weeks before the event, the organizer reserves the right to first assess the situation and based on that, decide on the procedure with already paid participation fees.

    Generally, when registering, it is recommended to take out an insurance policy that covers such an event.

  • What happens to the items already purchased from the online store in the event of a cancellation in 2022?
    In Online shop ordered items (eg from the clothing collection) can not be canceled. A refund for already purchased material is also not possible.


5 Mountain Passes

268 kilometers

7'090 vertical meters

4 Mountain Passes

212 kilometers

5'080 vertical meters

3 Mountain Passes

108 kilometers

3'200 vertical meters

2 Mountain Passes

64 kilometers

2'140 vertical meters