General information

  • Start of the Platinum, Gold & Silver Tour in Andermatt
  • Start of the bronze tour in Obergoms, finish in Andermatt. Oberwald – Realp rail link: 20 min. ride
  • Neutralized start
  • You are on unclosed public roads. The Road Traffic Rules applie at all times. Remember specifically:
    – No center line overrun
    – No red traffic lights overrun
    – Make way for subsequent vehicles
  • Failure to comply with road traffic rules leads to disqualification and a ban on starting for years to come
  • Accompaniment by motorized vehicles is not permitted
  • No Littering! Non-compliance leads to disqualification


Alpenbrevet ServiceThe following services are included in the entry fee::

  • Start number / time measurement
    So that you know what you have achieved, we measure your driving time. A finisher list without ranking will give you information about your performance.
  • Parking
    Around 600 parking spaces are available for participants in Andermatt on Saturday. These are signposted from Friday lunchtime.
    Attention: There are no parking spaces in the village centre of Andermatt and at the Expo-Village.
  • Meals
    On the way and in the destination you will find our catering posts (more information will follow).
  • medical service
    Three ambulance vehicles from the Event Ambulanz foundation are on the pass roads all day. In the event of an emergency, the Alpenbrevet emergency number will be issued. Treatments, transport costs and medical care are at the expense of the participants.
  • Finisher-Trikot
    For reasons of sustainability, we do not generally provide a finisher jersey. That is why, on the one hand, we have reduced the starting fees and on the other hand we have put on a high-quality jersey at a very fair price.
  • Give-aways
    We will have useful and attractive giveaways from our partners ready for you.


Personal photos
The photographers from Alpha-Foto will take pictures of the participants at various points along the route. You can then purchase these pictures on the website

SMS Service
SMS registration is possible via our website. The times are accordingly delivered directly to the mobile phone.


5 Mountain Passes

268 kilometers

7'090 vertical meters

4 Mountain Passes

212 kilometers

5'080 vertical meters

3 Mountain Passes

108 kilometers

3'200 vertical meters

2 Mountain Passes

64 kilometers

2'140 vertical meters