The Platintour marks the toughest challenge on this year’s Alpenbrevet. Start and finish are in Andermatt as usual. During the crossing of Susten, Grimsel, Nufenen, Lukmanier and Oberalppass you climb with your bike just under 7,000 meters of altitude.

Start & Finish:

Start time:*

Time limits:*
– Gletsch: 11:50 am
– Airolo: 1:50 pm

Closing time:
21:00 h

(*Information subject to change)

5 Mountain Passes

268 kilometers

7'090 vertical meters

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Aid stations

  • Innertkirchen
  • Ulrichen
  • Airolo
  • Olivone
  • Disentis/Dieni
  • Andermatt




From Wassen (930 m above sea level) you cross the famous Susten Pass (2,224 m above sea level) on the way to Innertkirchen. You climb the first 1,300 meters of altitude. Built during world war II, the pass road has an average gradient of 7.3 over a length of 18 kilometres. The maximum gradient is 9%. You will be rewarded with a 28 kilometre descent. During this you should relax and prepare for the Grimsel Pass.


28 kilometre

2,224 meters above sea level

After a first refreshment area, you head towards the Grimsel Pass (2,164 m above sea level). On a 26 kilometer long ascent and an average of 5.9 incline, you cycle towards your second pass height. The ascent to the south has a long history. The Grimsel Pass is a highly frequented connection to the south since the 14th century. Here, on the Grimsel Pass, rises the Aare, a river that flows into the sea via the Rhine. Arriving at the top, a technical descent follows before the highest Swiss pass road has to be conquered.


25 kilometers

2,164 meters above sea level

Before you start the ascent to the Nufenenpass, you should have fed yourself enough energy at our catering post. Now, for most, the hardest climb on the platinum tour follows. On a 13 kilometer long road you climb 1,119 meters of altitude before you can enjoy the view into the Valais at 2,478 meters above sea level. This climb offers an average of 8.6 incline – not for weak legs! In contrast to the medieval pass crossing at the Grimsel, the pass road over the Nufenen was not opened until 1964. This is the reason for the significantly higher average incline percentages. Once you arrive at the top, you should definitely not forget the passport selfie. This is followed by a long (60 km!) Departure via Airolo to Biasca!


13 kilometers

2,478 meters above sea level

During the 60 kilometer long descent you could hopefully recover sufficiently. Now follows the slightly easier climb to the Lukmanier Pass (1,915 m above sea level). Persevere, the goal in Andermatt is already within reach. The average 4 incline percentages and 1,613 meters of altitude are spread over 40 kilometers. After the penultimate intermediate destination, the rapid descent to Disentis follows, before the Oberalp Pass has to be driven.


40 kilometers

1,915 meters above sea level

Almost done! The Oberalppass stands in your way as the last hurdle of the platinum tour. After the last catering post in Disentis it is necessary to bite your teeth together one last time. With an average of 4.4 incline percentages, the slope here is also on the more pleasant side. The Oberalp pass is located at 2,044 metres above sea level and then leads on a 10 km long descent to the finish in Andermatt. Finished – great!


21 kilometers

2,044 meters above sea level