Extra train fiesch-andermatt

Image © by Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn

Together with Obergoms Tourismus and the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn we offer a special train on Saturday morning from Fiesch to Andermatt. Obergoms offers enough accommodations, so there is no long journey before the start. The special train leaves Fiesch at 4:00 am and arrives in Andermatt at 5:02 am. This way you will be in Andermatt in time for the start of all tours.

The ticket costs CHF 25 for one person and one bike. The ticket must be purchased in advance and cannot be purchased on the day of arrival.

Timetable Saturday, September 07, 2024 (subject to change):

04:00 Fiesch
04:05 Fürgangen-Bellwald
04:10 Niederwald
04:12 Blitzingen
04:14 Biel (Goms)
04:16 Gluringen
04:18 Reckingen VS
04:21 Munster VS
04:23 Geschinen
04:26 Ulrichen
04:28 Obergesteln
04:35 Oberwald
04:50 Realp
04:57 Hospental
05:02 Andermatt arrival



Alpenbrevet Platintour

5 Mountain Passes

267 kilometers

7'090 vertical meters


Alpenbrevet Goldtour

4 Mountain Passes

214 kilometers

5'080 vertical meters


Alpenbrevet Silbertour

3 Mountain Passes

105 kilometers

3'200 vertical meters


Alpenbrevet Bronzetour

2 Mountain Passes

64 kilometers

2'140 vertical meters