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To Andermatt

  • By public transport: By train to Göschenen and from there there is a direct connection to the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn that reaches Andermatt within 10 minutes.
  • by car: on the motorway A2 to the Göschenen and from there you can reach Andermatt via country road.


Special Train Fiesch – Andermatt

Together with Obergoms Tourismus and the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn we offer an special train on Saturday morning from Fiesch to Andermatt. Obergoms offers enough accommodations, so there is no long journey before the start. Obergoms offers enough accommodations, so there is no long journey before the start. The special train leaves Fiesch at 4:00 am and arrives in Andermatt at 5:00 am.

The ticket costs CHF 20 for one (1) person and one (1) bicycle. Boarding possible at all stations.

    Schedule, Saturday 4. September 2021:

    04:00 Fiesch
    04:05 Fürgangen-Bellwald
    04:10 Niederwald
    04:12 Blitzingen
    04:14 Biel (Goms)
    04:16 Gluringen
    04:18 Reckingen VS
    04:21 Münster VS
    04:23 Geschinen
    04:25 Ulrichen
    04:27 Obergesteln
    04:31 Oberwald
    04:34 Oberwald Autoterminal
    04:49 Realp
    04:56 Hospental
    05:00 Andermatt

      Traveling with bicycles in public transport

      • Bicycle self-loading: In the carrier bag as free hand luggage or for a fee in marked train areas.
      • Bike shipping: Simply drop off your bike as luggage at the train station and collect it at your destination.


      To get to Ulrichen

      • By public transport: By train to Visp and from there with the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn to Ulrichen or via the Furka tunnel to Ulrichen.
      • By car: Via Grimsel-, Furka or Nufenenpass you reach directly the Goms. Or from Visp along the main street in the direction of Goms.


      5 Mountain Passes

      268 kilometers

      7'090 vertical meters

      4 Mountain Passes

      212 kilometers

      5'080 vertical meters

      3 Mountain Passes

      108 kilometers

      3'200 vertical meters

      2 Mountain Passes

      64 kilometers

      2'140 vertical meters