Platintour sold out!

We are thrilled! The paradest route of the Swiss Cycling Alpenbrevet, the Platintour, is sold out for 2021. Even before spring, and on a weekend when there was no thought of cycling at all, with storms and heavy snowfall, the limit of 500 places was reached.

Also due to the many feedbacks, which we have received in the meantime, we are aware that the demand for participation in the Platintour is much greater than these 500 places. Unfortunately, we can not increase the contingent, because this limitation is due to requirements of the authorities. Unfortunately, our hands are tied.

What we can offer is a waiting list. However, we cannot guarantee that there will still be places available.

What do you have to do to get on the waiting list? There are two ways:

  1. You register for another tour and check the box “Platintour waiting list” when registering. If no Platintour place is available, you would still be part of another tour. Better than nothing, right?
  2. If the Platintour is the only option for you, please send us an email with your wish to be on the waiting list to [email protected].

IMPORTANT: Those who are on the waiting list but have registered for another tour (see point 1) will be given priorityinthe consideration! Furthermore, the time of booking / registration is decisive.