Are you looking for a gift? How about a voucher for the Swiss Cycling Alpenbrevet 2022? No matter if the recipient is a bicycle virtuoso or has just discovered cycling, the Swiss Cycling Alpenbrevet with its four tours offers a participation possibility for every level.

There are three voucher categories to choose from:

  • Gift voucher for free starting place selection – value 50 CHF
  • Gift voucher for starting place on bronze tour – value 75 CHF
  • Gift voucher for starting place for silver or gold tour – value 99 CHF

Receiving the voucher:

As soon as we have received the payment, the delivery process is initiated. Within a few days, the voucher will be incl. Voucher code in PDF format sent to the buyer by e-mail.

Christmas: For all purchases received by 21 December 2021, we guarantee that the gift voucher will be issued until 24 December. All orders placed after this date will not be considered until January 2022.

Redeem voucher:

Redeem voucher code online when registering on www.alpenbrevet.ch.


The voucher is only valid for purchases in connection with a starting place and not for the purchase of additional services. The voucher can only be redeemed once. Validity is limited to the 2022 event. The limited number of starting places must be taken into account. The voucher cannot be redeemed for sold-out tours.

5 Mountain Passes

268 kilometers

7'090 vertical meters

4 Mountain Passes

212 kilometers

5'080 vertical meters

3 Mountain Passes

108 kilometers

3'200 vertical meters

2 Mountain Passes

64 kilometers

2'140 vertical meters