The Swiss Cycling Alpenbrevet 2020 jersey

Together with our jersey partner Scatta we have given the Swiss Cycling Alpenbrevet jersey a new look. At the moment it can only be purchased with the registration and will be handed out at the check-in on August 22nd to all participants who have ordered it with their registration.

Thanks to great purchase prices we can offer the jersey at a top price. In addition to the jersey there is also a bib short which can be ordered with the registration.

The costs at registration:

Jersey: 27 CHF
Bib Short: 54 CHF

Attention: These prices are exclusively for participants of the Alpenbrevet 2020. re-orders are still possible at the event, but only for an extra charge. Starting in April, the jersey and other Alpenbrevet accessories will be available in a webshop. However, these prices will be different from the prices at registration and are also intended for those cyclists who will not participate in the Alpenbrevet 2020.