Cycling Unlimited Challenge by ROUVY

Tour de Suisse, TORTOUR Ultracycling and Alpenbrevet – the guarantee for the most scenic routes of Switzerland. Join our virtual Event on Rouvy and win!

Enjoy the beautiful rides of the three epic Swiss cycling events! Be part of the first ROUVY-Challenge combined with optional Online-Races and win attractive prizes from Giordana, Winforce, Giro, DT Swiss, Ride 100% and Schuler Weine! Looking forward to discovering with you the beauty of Switzerland!

Task & Rules:

Finish all Mandatory Routes in the predefined period:

Schedule of Online-Races (optional): 

21.05. & 24.05. – 7 pm CET – CYCLING UNLIMITED CHALLENGE by Giordana on Frauenfeld – Frauenfeld                         

26.05. & 28.05. – 7 pm CET – CYCLING UNLIMITED CHALLENGE by Winforce on Camperio – Disentis-Sedrun             

02.06. & 04.06. – 7 pm CET – CYCLING UNLIMITED CHALLENGE by Giro  on Uettligen – Muntelier                  

09.06. & 11.06. – 7 pm CET – CYCLING UNLIMITED CHALLENGE by DT Swiss on Fiesch – Nufenenpass           

13.06. – 7 pm CET – CYCLING UNLIMITED CHALLENGE by Ride 100% on Innertkirchen – Rosenlaui              


Terms and conditions:

  • Rouvy will contact the winner immediately after announcing the result of the drawing.
  • Prizes are not exchangeable for money and will be shipped to the winner(s) by the sponsors, according to standard shipment terms to your country.
  • Winner’s photo on the unpacked prize is highly desirable for posting on social media for proof and encouragement for others.

Cycling Unlimited Challenge by Rouvy