Info manual

Corona protection concept

The Corona protection concept enables Alpenbrevet to be carried out

Mandatory documents for check-in – otherwise participation will be refused

  • Valid Covid certificate as QR code in the Covid app or as pdf printout
  • Copy of identity card/passport
  • The same documents must be presented for the check-in of colleagues

Mandatory masks indoors / No mask obligation in the start/finish area and on the course

Symptom-free approach to the Alpenbrevet

Compliance with hygiene rules

The validity of Covid certificates (QR-Code) will be checked with the “COVID Certificate Check” app.

Recommendation: Test your own certificate with this app beforehand.

Further details can be found on our website under Infos/Covid-19

All participants will receive a wristband after the certificate has been checked at the Check-in, which entitles to start and to barrier-free entry to the event area.

Spectators are very welcome, nervertheless the rule with the valid certificate (QR-Code) is also applied to them. Children under the age of 16 are exempt from this obligation.


Emergency numbers

Event Office                         +41 (0)44 500 39 14

Ambulance                           144

Air ambulance                   1414

Police                                       117


Ambulances & Motomarhalls will be on the routes all day. In the event of an emergency, participants should alert the Alpenbrevet Event Office. Treatment, transport costs and medical care are at the expense of the participants.





Public transport: Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn

Extra train Fiesch – Andermatt
Extra train on Saturday morning from Fiesch to Andermatt. Leaves Fiesch at 04:00h and arrives in Andermatt at 05:00h. Ticket price CHF 20


IMPORTANT: Arriving by car

Limited number of parking spaces – therefore we ask for as few private cars as possible in Andermatt

Form car pools à sustainability

Leave cars at overnight accommodation if possible

Parking management



Public transport:

Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn: Visp – Ulrichen

Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn: Andermatt – Ulrichen

Arriving by car:

Via Grimsel-, Furka-, Nufenenpass

Wallis à Goms

Parking management



Event Locations


Friday, 3 September 2021, 16:00 – 21:00h

Platin-, Gold-, Silber- & Bronzetour

Event-Location Andermatt


Saturday, 4 September 2021, 04:30 – 07:00h

Platin-, Gold-, Silbertour

Event-Location Andermatt


Saturday, 4 September 2021, 08:00 – 09:30h


Event-Location Ulrichen

Luggage drop-off in Ulrichen and transport to Andermatt, event location.

Please note: Luggage will be transported and stored unattended.


Documents for check-in à otherwise participation will be refused
-Valid Covid certificate as QR code in the Covid app or as pdf printout
-Identity card or copy of identity card (bring along)
-The same documents must be presented for the check-in of colleagues
Print out the registration confirmation or give us your start number which you can find at (as soon as available on the website)



Pasta-Party: Friday 18:00 – 21:00h

On Friday evening, the Swiss Cycling Alpenbrevet Pasta Party will take place at the event location. Strengthen yourself for the coming day. A drink is also included for CHF 19. You can find the registration on


Alpenbrevet breakfast: Saturday 04:30h

From 04:30h, the Macolina Andermatt serves a rich breakfast for CHF 12 per person. There is a choice of muesli, cold cuts and fruit. Registration via 

Alpenbrevet Giordana collection

Alpenbrevet Collection orders: Pick-up at Giordana stand, event-location  
Friday from 16:00 to 20:00h, Saturday whole day

The entire Swiss Cycling Alpenbrevet collection will be available at the Giordana stand. Get a nice souvenir of this day.

If the jerseys/clothes sent to you do not fit, they can be exchanged at the Giordana stand. Please note: We do not guarantee that the right size is still available. In addition, an exchange is only possible if the item is still unused and the label and original packaging are present. 

Bike preparation

Bike in technically perfect condition (brakes, tyres, drive, lighting etc.)

Lights and reflectors on the bike

Before 07:00h in the morning and after 20:00h in the evening and in conditions that reduce visibility (such as fog), lights are compulsory at the front (white) and rear (red). To keep visibility as high as possible during the day, we recommend leaving the lights on. In addition, the bicycle is obligatorily equipped with reflectors at the front (white) and at the rear (red).

Fixing start numbers
The race number comes with cable ties to fix the number to the handlebar and four safety pins to attach the back number to the jersey.

Technical support

Before the start from 05:00 – 07:00h in the Bikewelt tent in the event location and in the bike shop “Gleis 0” in the station building.

In Innertkirchen at the turnoff to the Grimsel Pass you will also find the 2 Rad-Center Schild. On Saturday this is open from 09:00 – 14:00h. 

On the route, there is a repair service at the Olivone refreshment station (

Safety and rules

Unclosed public roads

Road traffic regulations apply at all times

Red = red / stop = stop / safety line = safety line

Ride in single line

Use cycle lanes

Give way to following vehicles

Alpenbrevetisti behave in an exemplary, confident and courteous manner à no race!

Lights and reflectors on the bike

Compliance checked by the Officials à Failure will result in disqualification

Instructions of the moto marhsalls, officials and police are to be followed without any excuse

Correct behavior towards all representatives of the Alpenbrevet, regardless of the situation

In case of an accident, the event office has to be informed immediately

No littering

Urinating in the open is to be refrained from if possible. Otherwise, only in suitable places that are not visible.



Starting time Platintour: 06:00h

-Neutralised and guided by moto marshals from Andermatt to Wassen.

-Groups of 100 participants each at 5-minute intervals.

-Overtaking of the moto-marshals is not permitted.

-The road through the Schöllenenschlucht is not closed.

-Driving on the opposite lane is taboo!

-Timing only as of Wassen.


Starting time Gold- & Silbertour: 06:45h

Neutralised and guided up to Realp


Starting time Bronzetour: 09:30h in Ulrichen


Start procedure

No fixed allocated starting blocks
Line up according to your own performance evaluation

You will be doing yourself and the other participants a big favour if you line up in the right place in the starting field.

On route

Routes à under the respective tour incl. gpx download

Signposting at neuralgic points

In the event of road closures, the official diversions must be followed

Route changes Gold-/Silbertour
Gold- and Silbertour participants decide which route they want to take on the way.
It is not possible to change to the Platintour.

It is not possible to change from the Bronzetour to the other tours.

Latest passage times
If the refreshment station is reached after the following passage times, the planned route may not be completed. Instead, the next possible shortcut has to be taken back to Andermatt.

Platintour: Latest passage times      à Airolo 13:55h
Goldtour: Latest passage times       
à Airolo 12:00h
Finish closing time                            
à Andermatt 21:00h

Our broom car drives in such a way that these times can be adhered to. Riders who ride behind the broom wagon are no longer entitled to Alpenbrevet services.


Refreshment stations

The refreshment stations offer a wide range of food.

ToiToi toilets are available at all refreshment stations.


-Timing by means of a timing transponder in the handlebar number. Mount the handlebar number vertically in front of the handlebar. No bending or wrapping!

-No official ranking list will be drawn up

-The personal riding times can be called up via the website

Platintour: The section between Andermatt and Wassen is neutralised and will not be timed.


Timing stations

At all refreshment stations of the ridden tour participants have to ride over the registration mats.

  • Wassen (Start Platintour)
  • Andermatt (Start Gold- & Silbertour)
  • Innertkirchen
  • Ulrichen (Start Bronzetour)
  • Airolo
  • Olivone
  • Disentis / Dieni
  • Andermatt (Finish)

Crossing the finish line

We will have useful and attractive give-aways from our partners ready for you.

Festwirtschaft / Finish catering
Enjoy the achieved together with other participants at the event location.

Free massage service at the finish area in Andermatt.

All finishers are winners
No results lists will be drawn up, no medals will be distributed and no award ceremonies will be held.

Personal photos

Alphafoto is the official event photographer of the Swiss Cycling Alpenbrevet 2021. Your personal photos will be available on within a few days after the event and can be purchased.



5 Mountain Passes

268 kilometers

7'090 vertical meters

4 Mountain Passes

212 kilometers

5'080 vertical meters

3 Mountain Passes

108 kilometers

3'200 vertical meters

2 Mountain Passes

64 kilometers

2'140 vertical meters